1. The President shall appoint such other committees and assign to them such duties and powers as it deems desirable to further the purpose of the Association. 2. Ten or more members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the members. 3. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in June or at such time as shall […]

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Northwestern Ohio Self-Insurer’s Association, I pledge to adhere to the following ethical practices. I. To administer the Workers’ Compensation Law fairly to all employees. II. To provide assistance with applications for benefits and commence benefits as soon as humanly possible. III. To be concerned about the welfare of the injured employee and the lives of […]


Article I. 1.01 The name of this association shall be: Northwestern Ohio Self-Insurers Association. 1.02 The Association shall be an unincorporated Association. The Association is not organized for profit, and no part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to the benefit of any Association member, individual, firm, corporation, or person. Article II. Purposes 2.01 The purposes of this Association […]